Goddess History – My movies

These movies may be watched on my Youtube-channel: http://youtube.com/user/LadyoftheLabyrinth.

A better quality of the  Goddess Religion 1-3 with original soundtrack may be seen on Vimeo:



3 kommentarar to “Goddess History – My movies”

  1. Mye godt stoff her. Utrolig bra jobba.

  2. hello! I am wandering in your labyrinth of website, blogs and youtube videos! 🙂 Not sure where to buy your ebook yet! or where best to contact you. will click «follow» on this blog – other one on lady of the labyrinth doesnt seem to have a button to do that.

    I am a goddess-honouring «fantasy» writer and «book wizard» who has recently re-begun the making of books, my own and others». I would love to print something of yours. see my newleafnetwork.org website for info on how i/we are doing this.

    about the fantasy: the main work is a pentalogy called the Apples of Aeden. The title came to me in a dream after despairing of finding one. It has gradually dawned on me just how deep it goes. i recently connected the «return of the goddess» theme of the epic with the norse Apples of Idunn. the goddess who bestowed these apples was abducted – a metaphor for the loss of the divine feminine in so many cultures… So i want to get a quote for that from the eddas or ? to put in the front of the volume/s of the epic… hence i came across your youtube videos.

    so, lovely to see all you are doing! let me know what you think and what books you hope to publish. meanwhile, i will put a link in my blogs to your work!

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