About Maria Kvilhaug

I was born in Oslo, Norway, in 1975. I moved to England, Staffordshire, at the age of 21, in order to study art because I wanted to do cartoons and animation. I ended up studying painting and graphics at Camberwell College of Art in London (BA degree) and lived altogether four years in the U.K.

After that I lived for a while i  Oakland, California, working as an assistant in Berkeley, before I moved to the Pacific Coast of Oaxaca, Mexico and lived there for another four years. During this time, I took up  the university studies I had begun at the University of Oslo before I moved to England. I had studied Philosophy and History, and now went for the History of Religions, with a special focus on Hinduism and Old Norse mythologies. This was a time when it was still possible to attend the Norwegian University without actually showing up, (excepting, of course, for examinations). So, being able to study on my own, I could do my studies and write my master thesis while spending most of my time in Mexico. I graduated with an MA in 2004, having specialized in Old Norse initiation rituals. My master thesis was published as a book in 2009.

Before going back to Norway after my graduation, I spent a year in Portugal, trying to write a book and develop my thesis on Old Norse myths. Then, returning to Norway after ten years in near-exile, I started working a desk-job and became absorbed with the Rosen Method, which I started to learn in 2006. I am now practicing this marvellous bodywork method on the side and make youtube-movies on mythology as a hobby and as a means of preparing the way to create real movies.

My main mission as a writer and/or movie-maker is to create awareness and offer information and knowledge on a spiritual  heritage that for long has been shrouded in mists. I would very much like to publish books and to create movies for real, but I would need some real movie-people to work with.

I would like to work with people who understand the concepts I am trying to convey and who may find ways of bringing these projects into manifestation financially and practically. I need funders or fundraisers!

If you are a musician and would like me to use your music in my youtube-movies, I am very grateful, but you must understand that I am in no way capable of paying you with anything but making your music known through my videos. However, if there was to be a documentary project I would obviously try to use musicians that I think make music that suits my movies.


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4 kommentarar to “About Maria Kvilhaug”

  1. Thorsson Mjollnir Says:

    Hello Maria,

    I’m really enjoying your videos on Old Norse Myths. Very insightful.

    Kind Regards,


    Sessrúmnir, Fólkvangr

    P.S. For some reason we all seem to speak and read English up here.

  2. Just found and downloaded the thesis! Looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  3. Toril Kilde Says:

    I love your videos on the Norse mythology especially ! Continue this is great work artistic and spirtual just love it. Thank you !

  4. […] realm. He is a real energy, a real consciousness. According to Lady of the Labyrinth, real name Maria Kvilhaug (whose book Seed of Yggdrasil was just released and I’m waiting anxiously for it!!), […]

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